Women have lost up to 22 lbs. in eight weeks (5 pictures INSIDE + their favorite spice!)


Nagina Abdullah


May 20, 2017

Spices help you look smokin' hot!

Today is a very special day!!

I’m going to introduce you to some incredibly inspiring women and show you how to lose 22 lbs.

Women, just like you, but a tad different 😉

Yes, they’re smart, ambitious women like you are.

Yes, they are fired up with a desire to set good examples for their kids.

Yes, they are busy building their careers, raising their families and pursuing their passions.

So… How are they different?

They took action on their desire to be slimmer and sexier without feeling deprived or underfed 😉

Yes, meet Shubhada, Christine, Rachel, Noe, and Heather, who have all lost massive weight and transformed the way they eat in the 8-week Spice Yourself Skinny System.

After Shubadha’s baby was a few months old, Shubadha felt that she was ready to focus on herself. She had extra weight to lose after her pregnancy, and she knew she needed to prioritize herself and her energy to be the mom she wanted to be.

Since she grew up eating flavor-packed food,  she knew that she needed a plan that gave her a mouth full of flavor to be sustainable. Shubhada signed up for Spice Yourself Skinny (SYS) System and in eight weeks she lost 22 pounds!

She’s a new mom, breastfeeding a seven-month year old, and not only did her baby continue to get a healthy flow of milk while she dropped the weight, but her husband and father fell in love with the SYS meals too and it became a family project!

Her favorite spice: Lemon Pepper


To follow the same exact plan that Shubadha joined and lose the weight sooner vs. later, find out more here.

Meet Christine. She is a mom of a three-year-old and an online entrepreneur who lives in the UK. She knew she wanted to lose weight but didn’t want to use shakes and supplements to do it – she needed something sustainable that she could fit into her busy family life.

Christine joined Spice Yourself Skinny and though she wasn’t able to follow it every week because life got busy, she STILL lost 10 pounds in eight weeks. The SYS system was so simple (and delicious) to follow, that she kept doing it, and within a couple months later she had lost 20 lbs (9 kgs)!

For Christine, the plan was sustainable for her and her family. She learned how to plan her cooking and her meals so that healthy options were available to her no matter what kind of day she was having!

Her favorite spice: Turmeric

She’s wearing the same dress in her before and after picture. WOW!


To learn a sustainable way to eat that quickly drops your weight while you never feel deprived (like Christine did), find out more about Spice Yourself Skinny to get the exact eight-week structure.

Rachel had been blaming many other things for her weight gain, and feeling for a long time that she had not been living up to her potential.

One day, she realized she was in control of her own life. She opened herself up to feeling good about herself – her body, her relationships, her career, and her self-esteem. She knew she deserved all the good things that she wanted out of life.

Rachel decided to join SYS – and she shed 12 pounds in the eight weeks – without exercise! Yes, it’s true. She felt like she found a “reliable system to care for my body, lose weight and eat food that really tastes delicious.”

SYS gave her a system that works to NO MORE be tempted by the donuts and cookies constantly in her break room and she learned how to make it easy to prepare and bring healthy food to work even with a long commute. It made her feel good about herself because she ate delicious, filling food every single day.

Her favorite spice: Garam masala (especially in the SYS Broccoli Pea Soup she cooks in her crockpot)!

Sidenote: Spice Yourself Skinny works JUST as well for vegetarians as it does for non-vegetarians.


If you’re a vegetarian and want a realistic and easy plan that you can rely on, join Spice Yourself Skinny today.

Noe wanted her husband to get healthier and knew she needed to do it with him to help him. She saw her friend Marlises surprising before and after pictures on FB after taking SYS, and many more transformations, and she decided to give it a try.

When she joined SYS, she said, “Wow!” She loved that she learned foods to add, and she didn’t have to take foods away (not like those other “diets” that make you eat practically nothing!).

Noe lives in Puerto Rico and was able to find all the ingredients or could easily switch things out for what she found, since the plan is so flexible.

Fast forward eight weeks, and Noe and her husband lost almost 40 lbs. together (she lost 14 and her husband lost over 20 lbs)! Her face is so much thinner! What surprised her most was that she, her husband AND her three kids enjoyed eating the whole time – and she and her husband never felt like they were on a diet.

Her favorite spice: Cumin



To slim your face and do it with your partner/spouse without feeling like you’re on a diet, try the eight-week Spice Yourself Skinny system (12-month payment plans only available until Sunday, May 21!).

Meet Heather. She is a busy mom of a ten-year-old boy and just didn’t know what to eat each night. She was eating potato chips and hot dogs for dinner each night because she just didn’t know what to cook. That’s when she decided she needed to do something to make a change.

She clicked “Buy” and joined Spice Yourself Skinny – and with the menu plans and easy recipes each week, Heather lost 13 lbs. in the eight weeks and went on to easily lose 30 lbs. (and about 10 years) in the following months! She now has the confidence to ‘strut her stuff’ in a cute bikini.

Her favorite spice: Turmeric

This beautiful mom of one, said her partner has never seen her skinny in the 8 years they’ve been together before she joined SYS!


Want to hear more stories about the easiest way to lose stubborn weight AND listen to these women share their journey and their story? Click here for MORE transformative pictures AND videos from each of these women and more, explaining why Spice Yourself Skinny is the easiest and most sustainable system to lose weight and has worked for them when NOTHING else has.

Here’s what I know Hello, ALL these women {and many others like them!} had busy lifestyles, unique food and eating choices, different reasons why they wanted to be slimmer and were ALL united by ONE thing: they wanted to lose weight, lose it permanently and lose it without feeling deprived or spending their days in the kitchen or the gym.

Spice Yourself Skinny gave them that and more.

It gave them flavor-packed meals that made eating with the family a happy and healthy experience.

It gave them step-by-step recipes and made cooking a breeze.

It gave them a complete insider’s guide on eating out while watching the pounds vanish. Yes, they didn’t give up snacking or eating out and neither did they turn into the office recluse who ate alone!

It gave them the secret spices that not only teased their taste buds alive but tantalizingly melted fat without having to break out the dumbbells and the running shoes. It gave them the confidence that comes with weight loss and the energy that comes with eating right.

It gave them freedom from energy slumps and sugar cravings.

Regardless of what YOU want, Hello, chances are you WILL find it with Spice Yourself Skinny.

Are you going to join Shubhada, Christine, Rachel, Noe, and Heather and learn how to lose 22 lbs?

Click here to claim your spot in Spice Yourself Skinny and get ready to watch your weight melt with the magic of powerful, proven-to-work spices!

P.s. The extra generous 12-month payment plan I’m offering for Spice Yourself Skinny is only available until this Sunday, May. 21st. Check it out before it’s gone.

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Nagina Sethi Abdullah, BA, MBA

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for middle-aged women and professionals. She coaches women to boost their metabolism naturally, shed pounds and keep them off. Her work with weight loss clients led to the creation of Masala Body, an online weight loss platform that provides an easy and accessible system that helps women sustainably lose weight. She has helped over 1200 women successfully lose from 10-80 lbs and create a sustainable lifestyle change. Nagina earned her degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

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