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Nagina Abdullah


May 20, 2017


Have you checked out my updated website yet?! One of the best things about it is that I’m really showcasing the sorcery I’ve worked on the waistlines and in the lives of some incredibly busy women over the past year and a half.

I showed you a few previews last week with my spotlights on Anjali, Tree and Louise and now I want to show you more all in one email.

These women wanted:

  • To be able to throw on a tank top or shorts or a dress when it’s warm outside without feeling embarrassed or flabby
  • To indulge in real food without feeling DEPRIVED
  • To clean up what they eat, but without giving up the life and family time that comes with food

Meet Anjali, Tree, Harleen, Louise and Rajni – all of these ambitious women stopped putting themselves on the backburner and felt the victory of a loosening waistline and a tightening tape measure.

They couldn’t believe how easily the weight dropped off once they knew the process.

Anjali gets to wear beautiful clothes she had become too big for. She’s a bank VP with then twin 5-year-old daughters who lost 15 pounds with my 1:1 support! She loved the structure and emotional support, and it transformed her life so much that after the program she just kept losing weight. She’s lost a total of 40 pounds because she gained a new healthy lifestyle shift (18 kgs) and people can’t believe she’s had kids!!


Heather is a mom and an entrepreneur who was so fed up with restrictive, hard-to-follow diets, that she had been ignoring her weight. After finally working up the courage to face the numbers on the scale, she decided to stop ignoring it and take care of it. She “melted away” with my guidance – effortlessly losing 30 lbs. (14 kgs)!


Tree was stuck in a vicious cycle of emotional eating and had put too much weight on her petite frame. Once she hacked the system with self-love and strategy, she lost 20 pounds (9.1 kgs) without doing a single sit-up!! No time at the gym.


Harleen is a busy paralegal with a nonstop schedule. She got the accountability she needed to lose weight. She also got so many delicious, healthy and easy recipes with my 1:1 coaching support that she actually wanted to eat the lunches she packed instead of going out for fattening pizza or sub sandwiches that made her feel sluggish. She watched 17 pounds (7.7 kgs) vanish.


Dr. Rajni feels like a better mom now that she’s learned to prioritize cooking healthy food that tastes amazing. She and her husband decided that they don’t have to eat out anymore since the recipes she ate with my 1:1 coaching and guidance are actually better than their favorite NYC restaurant. Talk about losing weight WITHOUT deprivation! This busy doctor and mom of 2 lost 15 pounds!

Check out my new homepage and website and read more about these amazing women and their unique journeys to finally losing the weight they were done carrying around.

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Nagina Sethi Abdullah, BA, MBA

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for middle-aged women and professionals. She coaches women to boost their metabolism naturally, shed pounds and keep them off. Her work with weight loss clients led to the creation of Masala Body, an online weight loss platform that provides an easy and accessible system that helps women sustainably lose weight. She has helped over 1200 women successfully lose from 10-80 lbs and create a sustainable lifestyle change. Nagina earned her degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

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