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Nagina Abdullah


April 28, 2016


Nagina Abdullah, the founder of Masala Body, recently contributed an article to Business Insider titled How I manage to work 60-plus hours a week and still find time to cook dinner every night.

“I developed an easy system for myself and my family to eat home-cooked food every night — even though I was working 60-plus hours each week. Now, I am healthier and in control of what I eat. I have an incredible level of energy I never used to have, and that helps me be more productive and confident at work than ever before.” Nagina says in the article. “Cooking my dinner each night was a turning point to getting healthier — and it’s possible for anyone that works long hours (even if you’re exhausted when you come home). ”

In the article, she discusses her 3-step technique for meal planning-

  1. Devote one hour on Sunday to meal prep
  2. Store food in glass containers, which helps them keep their freshness longer
  3. Each weeknight, spend 10 minutes making an easy protein

By making these changes, and other tips she covers in the article, Nagina is able to eat a healthy, home-cooked meal every night.

Want more meal planning strategies? Masala Body’s 8-Week Slim Down Jumpstart personal weight loss coaching provides you with the tools that busy professional women need for sustainable weight loss.

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