How to Choose the Best Weight-Loss Program for Women in 2021


Nagina Abdullah


August 26, 2020


Are you looking for the right weight-loss program for women to help you feel confident wearing fitted dresses, have more energy to perform at your best, and finally get that flat stomach you’ve always been dreaming of? 

Today’s guide will help you choose a program that works for YOU.

Ready to learn more? Read on!

best weight loss program for women

Why and when a weight-loss plan can help you lose weight 

Have you been struggling with losing weight for years?

Then you know that there’s no “silver bullet” to getting long-lasting results.

Here’s what DOES work, why, and how you can lose weight as fast as possible while keeping it off for good. 

I used to struggle with losing weight (this is what finally helped me succeed)

In my 20s and early 30s, I used to be a serial yo-yo dieter. 

At the time, I had a stressful management consulting job and worked 12+ hour days. I never felt like I had time or energy to fully invest in my health. 

Here’s what my “routine” looked like:

I would follow a diet for three to five days…

But then I would feel hunger pangs and sugar cravings that left me constantly thinking about food. 

The result?  

I went for pizza, ice cream, and cupcakes — all at once because I ended up with such cravings. 

It led to a vicious cycle.

First, I would lose 10 pounds. Then, I’d gain 15. 

The diets I used were too restrictive

The way I was “dieting” was so restrictive that I had a hard time sticking to it because I felt uninspired. 

Even if I did count calories for some time, it didn’t feel natural to do it in the long-term and I let it slip…

What’s more, I didn’t feel like I could eat broccoli, tofu, and fish every single day. I needed more flavorful food so that I would actually enjoy it.

I also didn’t want to eat any of those diets that are incredibly unhealthy, like high-fat diets or meal supplement diets with a lot of artificials in them. 

Instead, I wanted to eat REAL food. 

My children changed everything for me

After I had my two kids and I didn’t JUST have a busy job but a busy job and two toddlers, I didn’t have time to keep losing weight and gaining it back. I couldn’t go on thinking about diets and what I could and couldn’t eat, how much, and keep denying myself from eating when I was hungry. 

Tḧat’s when I thought, “Enough is enough.” 

I didn’t want to continue starving myself. 

But I knew I needed to make some changes to get different results — because I KNEW I needed to have the energy to spend time and do fun activities with my family. 

playing with kids
Me and my daughter

So instead of hopping on yet another unhealthy diet, I  decided to take things into my own hands. 

I started researching scientific journals and nutritional information and figuring out more natural weight-loss strategies. 

Through my research, I discovered something that made all the difference for me — that there are certain foods that you can add to your diet that boost your metabolism and keep you full for longer with fewer calories. 

In other words, you trick your body into eating less, but you feel full and satisfied. Your body sheds fat without extra effort.

I found the “secret” to losing weight without deprivation or hours at the gym

This was such a huge “aha” for me. 

I quickly realized that I could lose weight in a healthier and more enjoyable way than with all the diets.

With this method, I went on to lose 40 pounds and my belly fat in nine months… And to this day, I’ve kept my weight stable.

I didn’t have to work like crazy to make it happen for myself. And I didn’t spend hours at the gym. (Who has time for that?)

Today, I also feel so much more energized and confident.

With my family, I go hiking and skiing, we play in the water, and we frequently do sports together. I don’t feel tired or sluggish like I used to. 

family hike
My family loves being active together!

I even started a business (this one) — all while working my demanding day job!

masalabody client event

You see, I had created my own weight-loss system based on my research.

Today, I’ve helped hundreds of busy professional women lose weight sustainably using the same strategies I used.

Tree weight loss Facebook post

Here’s why they’re so effective…

Want to lose weight fast? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

The problem with diets as a weight-loss plan

The reason diets didn’t work for me and they don’t work for you? 

They’re restrictive.

They might work in the short-term. But in the long-term? Not so much. 

For example, take the TV series “The Biggest Loser”. Participants go through an intensive diet and exercise routine and they drop an average of 100+ pounds in 30 weeks.

Awesome, right? 

Not so fast…

Those results don’t last for long. A study shows that six years after participating in the show, contestants had regained their weight. Plus, their metabolism had slowed down, making it harder to lose weight. 

It’s the same thing with most diets. 

According to research, caloric deprivation makes your brain more attentive to pictures of food. You THINK more about food because you don’t eat enough.

And as the “The Biggest Loser” study shows, the more effort you exert to lose weight, the more your body will hold on to the fat you lose. 

Now, a lot of “gurus” will say that you’re not losing weight because you’re not trying hard enough.

But you and I know that’s simply not true. You ARE doing your best.

The reason you’re not losing weight is that deprivation makes your body think that it needs to store MORE food in your body. You constantly think about food (especially unhealthy foods, because they contain a lot of sugar, fat, and salt, which your deprived body craves). 

But there’s a better way. 

A sustainable and non-restrictive weight-loss program can help you lose weight for good. 

How a weight-loss program can change your life

There are plenty of reasons to lose weight — and not all of them have to do with you. In fact, I’d argue that the most important reason is something entirely different…

Spending more time with your family

When you’re 40+ pounds overweight and have prediabetes, losing weight is not only about yourself.

It’s also about your family, your children, and your spouse. 

By losing weight, you have a higher chance of living longer and spending more time with them. And you set a healthy example for your kids. 

Having more energy

Losing weight means that you’ll have more energy to be on your feet, to go on a hike, run, go bike riding, and swim. 

And you’ll have the energy to do things after work. You can play outside with your kids, work on the writing project you’ve been wanting to work on, or build your side business. 

Getting off medication

Weight-loss can help you get off your medications, like blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications. 

Feeling more confident

You’ll be able to wear the clothes you want to wear, like a bikini or a bathing suit without feeling self-conscious. And giving presentations and talks will feel far more enjoyable because you’ll have so much more confidence. 

If you’re dating, you feel at your best when you’re on a date. When you’re looking for people online, you feel like you can post the pictures you want to post. And when the person meets you? They’ll instantly be wowed. 

Sound good? Then, let’s look at what type of weight-loss program you should choose.

How to choose the right weight-loss program for women

Do any of these sound familiar? 

You feel that…

You can’t stay motivated and be consistent enough to lose weight. 

You’re going to fall off the wagon.

You don’t have confidence in yourself that you’re going to stick with it. 

You can’t invest in yourself. (In your kids, yes. But not in yourself.)

Then, let’s figure out which weight-loss programs for women that will work for you… Even if you haven’t been able to lose weight before.

How to find the best weight-loss program online

How do you find the best fast weight-loss programs out there? 

My best tip is that you: 

  • Ask for referrals from friends. Have your friends participated in a weight-loss program they loved? 
  • Check out the people you follow. Whose content do you feel drawn to? 
  • Do a Google search. What weight-loss programs come up? 
  • Look for weight-loss coaches with testimonials. Have they successfully helped people lose weight before? 

Now, you hopefully have a few programs to compare. The next step is to choose the right one. 

What to look for in a weight-loss program

How do you choose your weight-loss program? 

Good question. Here’s what I recommend:

You should choose your weight-loss program based on if it’s sustainable. 

Too often, people choose programs that help them lose weight quickly. 

But these programs are incredibly unhealthy. The results don’t last. 

You can lose 10-15 pounds and then gain 25 pounds back. 

That’s why it’s dangerous to choose programs that are based on restrictions and unnatural methods, like counting calories. 

Instead, choose a program that’s based on sustainable principles and real food. 

Look for a program that:

  • Keeps you accountable. You should get support to get fast results. In fact, studies show that support is the key to losing weight
  • Is customized for you. The program should take into account your lifestyle, dietary restrictions, and everything else that’s specific to you.
  • Is realistic for you. For example, if you don’t have time to exercise 5x a week, you shouldn’t enroll in a program that requires you to do it. 

Now, I have multiple clients who say:

“Nagina, I have a demanding job and a family… I don’t have time to exercise. How will I lose weight?”

I get it! Life can get busy. 

Good news:

Exercise doesn’t have a huge impact on your weight loss. 

According to science, specific foods are the biggest part of your weight-loss journey. 

You see, heavily processed foods lead to weight gain. On the other hand, foods like chickpeas, turmeric, and garlic help you lose weight. 

That’s why I recommend that you look for weight-loss programs with food that guide you on what to eat. These programs focus on your overall lifestyle and help you create sustainable and healthy habits that last for the rest of your life. 

healthy food plate

How to know if the promised results are realistic 

When you assess different weight-loss coaching programs, there’s a good rule of thumb:

If a program promises weight-loss results that seem too good to be true, they probably are.

Sustainable weight-loss focuses on your lifestyle, NOT just your weight. 

For example, in my own program, Slim Down Transformation, women usually lose between 12-19 pounds during the first 2-3 months of the program. After the initial phase of the program (which is built on a sustainable model), they go on to lose anywhere between 30-100 pounds. 

The reason they’re able to lose this weight is simple:

We set up a healthy lifestyle during the initial 8-12 weeks and they then continue to follow that plan and lose more weight. 

It works because it’s not based on restriction, but on boosting your metabolism so that you feel full and satisfied every moment of the day. At the same time, you’re burning calories. 

Want to learn more about why this program works the way it does? Here you go.

Want to lose weight fast? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

The 12-month weight-loss program for women

Slim Down Transformation is a 12-month accountability weight loss coaching program that helps women lose weight sustainably.

The whole point of the program is this:

You lose weight now — and in the long term. 

We give women a step by step roadmap to lose 40+ pounds with accountability and scientifically-backed nutrition principles. 

The program is based on cutting-edge scientific research and behavioral change principles. This means: We know how to help women change their lifestyles. 

It’s a step-by-step program that removes the overwhelm. The program’s four parts are:

  • Detoxing
  • Debloating
  • Fat-Melting
  • Toning up

The way we help women achieve results are, among others, with metabolism-boosting meal plans and personalized accountability and support. 

Metabolism-boosting meal plans

Slim Down Transformation includes metabolism-boosting meal plans and a framework to pull together your own easy meals (or make healthy choices mindlessly).

In fact, I created this program specifically for busy professional women so we focus on hectic lifestyles with little time to cook. That’s why we provide frameworks and feedback so that you can pull together fast meals. 

masalabody transformation

Meals are also customized to each person’s tastes and preferences. The recipes are family-friendly, which means that you don’t have to cook several meals every night. Instead, you can serve the same (healthy!) food to your family. (And as the food is delicious, you won’t get complaints from hubby or kids!) 

The program is gluten-free and dairy-free with some exceptions. We also have vegetarian and vegan-only menus and recommendations. In fact, we’re world-class at providing plant-based options for you and you lose weight while getting food with all the nutritional value you need to stay healthy and energized. 

Personalized accountability and support

We provide personalized coaching and we keep you accountable so that you’re consistent throughout the program.

This creates a lifestyle that keeps you slim for a lifetime in a simple way. 

The program isn’t based on counting points or calories or tracking every lick or crumb of food that you eat. 

It’s based on boosting your metabolism and losing weight without exercise. 

weight loss client tree
My client Tree specifically told me she didn’t want to exercise. She didn’t do one sit up, but still lost 20 lbs with ease.

We work with you personally through accountability advisors who you’re matched with. Your own accountability advisor tests you and keeps you accountable and motivated at all times. 

Plus… I know just how scary it can be to join a program and then not follow through. 

I used to think the same — that my problem was that I just couldn’t keep my weight off. 

But remember: Support is key to losing weight. And with all the built-in accountability and the psychological triggers we use in the program, our students go on to getting their dream bodies, even if they haven’t been able to do it before. 

How three women were able to shed their weight with this weight-loss plan for women

Hundreds of women have gone through my weight-loss program. They all have their own goals and needs. 

Some want to lose 20 pounds to fit back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, some need to lose 40 pounds to get off medication, and some want to lose a few inches off their waist so they can feel confident and energized. 

Want to meet some of them? Here’s how Anjali, Jessica, and Lindsay shed 15 pounds in 2-3 months — and continued improving their results over the next few months. 

Anjali lost 40 pounds and transformed her emotional eating patterns

One of my successful students, Anjali, is a bank Vice President and a mother of two. 

Over the years, her weight crept up because she was so busy in her job and resorted to emotional eating. Soon enough, she realized that she was too big for her favorite stores. She’d lose 7 pounds… only to gain it back. 

Anjali joined my program to get the emotional support and structure she needed to lose her weight. Within four weeks, she had flattened her stomach. Within three months, she had lost 15 pounds. And over the following months, she went on to lose another 25 pounds. 

All in all, Anjali lost 40 pounds and she completely transformed her emotional eating patterns. 

Anjali lost weight

Jessica lost 15 pounds with an incredibly simple food plan

Jessica is an environmental engineer, who frequently travels for work. She had struggled with her weight her entire life and her unpredictable schedule made her feel out of control. She didn’t know how to plan her meals or eat healthy at restaurants. 

As a result, she’d gained 10-15 pounds.

But with my coaching and within 2-3 months, she was able to lose 15 pounds and reduce her waistline. She now has a system in place for choosing metabolism-boosting foods without any stress. 

Lindsay lost 15 pounds and curbed her sugar cravings 

My student Lindsay used to feel bloated and couldn’t stop eating sugar. She knew she needed a change — but she loved sugar too much and didn’t want to feel deprived. 

After five weeks in my program, Lindsay started feeling fabulous with lots of energy. She went on to lose 15 pounds (12 during 10 weeks and 3 after). She also dropped 6 inches from her waist and 4.5 pounds from her hips. 

The best part? Her weight-loss journey was “very, very easy.”

lindsay weight loss client

Want to learn more?

Want to kickstart your own weight-loss journey with an online weight loss coaching program for women that gets you results? 

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, Slim Down Transformation is a program that helps you lose weight now AND in the long term.

We focus on YOUR needs, lifestyle, and goals. You get tailored support and lose weight faster. 

Want to lose weight fast? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

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Nagina Sethi Abdullah, BA, MBA

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for middle-aged women and professionals. She coaches women to boost their metabolism naturally, shed pounds and keep them off. Her work with weight loss clients led to the creation of Masala Body, an online weight loss platform that provides an easy and accessible system that helps women sustainably lose weight. She has helped over 1200 women successfully lose from 10-80 lbs and create a sustainable lifestyle change. Nagina earned her degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

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