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Nagina Abdullah


June 1, 2022

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Incredible Weight Loss Before & Afters – Get Motivated

Check out these amazing women’s weight loss before and after pictures and stories from two of my Slim-Down Transformation stars, Stephanie and Patti, both in their 50s. Whether you want to lose 10-15 pounds to feel healthier or you’ve got your mindset on bigger weight loss targets, both of these inspiring women’s weight loss before and afters will help motivate you to reach your own health goals. Keep reading to learn their biggest struggles, how they overcame them, and what their lives are like now that they’ve seriously committed to their health (and what you can gain, too!).

Stephanie’s Weight Loss – Before and After

After learning at a medical appointment that she had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic, Stephanie, a busy woman in her 50s, knew she had to make changes to her lifestyle before her health deteriorated even further. Besides, she could stand to shed a few pounds and feel healthier, she reasoned. She often struggled with finding the energy to get through her afternoon without a few sweet and sugary snacks so that would be nice to fix, too.

After all, she had a lot to lose if she didn’t resolve to take action on her health now. By day, Stephanie is the Director of Quality Compliance Consulting for a large clinical research organization, a position that’s just as busy as it sounds. She also leads over 250 women in her sorority’s local chapter and is a church volunteer, wife, and mother to a married daughter with a busy life of her own. Her colleagues, family, sisters, and community had a lot to lose if her health went south, too.

Stephanie expected that she would lose weight and reverse her blood pressure and sugar levels back to normal. After all, she’s an accomplished woman who’s used to setting a goal and successfully achieving it. What she didn’t expect was a complete lifestyle transformation and access to a full network of successful, accomplished women on a health journey just like her to keep her feeling motivated and committed to her health.

What Stephanie learned about herself early in the program was that she had a problem with stress eating – something didn’t go as planned and she would find herself mindlessly snacking on sugary treats in the pantry to calm her nerves.

Years of this unhealthy habit had slowly taken its toll on her mood, energy, body, and worst of all, her health. She felt sluggish and sleepy in the afternoons and wasn’t as productive as she wanted to be. She didn’t look as good in clothes as she used to. She had to do something – so she joined my program.

Now, Stephanie has exceeded her original goal of losing 10 pounds. She’s lost a total of 17 pounds, a full 3 inches off of her hips and 3 inches off of her waist. She has control over her sugar cravings and knows how to fuel her body with delicious, natural foods that give her more energy in the afternoon and are just as easy as grabbing a sugary snack.

In fact, Stephanie credits the fact that the program is built on natural, healthy foods that she actually looks forward to eating as a reason why she’s been able to take her health and body to the next level. No counting calories, no eliminating certain foods or specific food groups, no supplements or pills – just a simple, tasty method of putting meals together (my tested and perfected Fat-Burning Food Framework) that fuels weight loss and is sustainable at home and abroad.

Stephanie also learned healthier ways to manage her stress, and now that she has more energy, she looks forward to channeling it into sunshiny walks and working out instead of ice cream and brownies. This lifestyle change has worked out for her in other ways, too – just check out her weight loss before and after photos and how great she looks in her clothes now that she’s living in the body of her dreams.

No more bulges where they shouldn’t be, and she can slip on something form-fitting from her closet with ease and know that she’ll look fabulous for a special event, even without Spanx! (She got so many compliments at a recent wedding she attended that she was absolutely shining when reporting her night back to the support group)

And of course, most importantly, she’s lowered her blood pressure to normal and is no longer pre-diabetic – all from changing the way she thinks about eating and learning what works best naturally for her body and lifestyle. As an added plus, she also went down 20 points in her cholesterol!

All of the energy she gained back from taking control of her sugar cravings has allowed her to grow in other ways as well – she’s back in school to gain her Master’s Degree with plans for an eventual Ph.D. so she can continue to be a leader in her community long into the future. Congratulations Stephanie!

Check out Stephanie’s full story below and hear in her own words how weight loss coaching from Masala Body changed her life!

Patti’s Before and After Weight Loss After 50

“Fabulous and 58” Patti completely transformed her body (and life) in the first 8 months during my 12-Month Slim Down Transformation program…and isn’t finished yet!

Her weight loss before and after results in the first 8 months?

Patti lost 54 1/2 pounds, 32 1/4 total inches from her body (that’s almost 3 feet!), and 9 inches from her waist alone. She was down 4 sizes in her clothes and in her own words “the weight kept falling off!”

Even her husband says she’s like a brand new person living a brand new life – and he loves it! So, how did she do it?

Despite her active lifestyle, Patti had struggled with her weight for years. She felt like she’d tried everything: juicing, fasting, various diet programs, Weight Watchers, but the weight she worked so hard to lose always found a way to creep back once the “diet” was over. Working from home these last few years didn’t help, either.

She didn’t like the way she looked in family pictures. She stashed away clothes that were too small for her in the back of the closet, hoping to eventually fit back into them one day. She dreaded the thought of shopping for a larger size, so she never shopped for herself. She felt alone in every diet she tried.

After years of always prioritizing her own needs last, she finally reached the point where she decided she had to do something for herself (keep reading for the big reveal why!). So she sat down at her computer and started researching, and lucky for me, we found each other.

She saw my testimonials, started following the simple advice from some of my videos and workshops, and unknowingly said goodbye to her old lifestyle for good!

Patti gained the incredible amount of confidence she has now starting with just two small Masala Body recommendations: adding cinnamon to her morning coffee and drinking a glass of infused debloating water. It was so easy and delicious that she decided to go forward and add protein to her morning to kick her Metabolism-Boosting Morning Routine into high gear.

In five days, she had lost 5 pounds without exercise and felt incredible. That’s when she realized that weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated – it really is that simple as long as you have the right knowledge and the right support in place – and now she did.

After 8 months in the program, it’s clear to see the incredible changes in Patti’s body when looking at her weight loss before and after pictures, but she’s also had some pretty incredible transformations in her life that we can’t see at first glance:

Shopping is now a brand new, exciting world

When was the last time you looked forward to shopping? Patti does.

Before her amazing weight loss, Patti feared shopping for herself and avoided it at all costs. She remembered how defeating it felt trying on a pair of pants in the dressing room, only to be faced with the reality that if she wanted a new pair of pants, she’d have to buy a larger size. Instead, she’d just go home. She felt miserable in her clothes – all of the cute clothes in her closet were too small, and she had trouble finding stylish outfits in her size.

Now Patti feels amazing in her new clothes and loves buying clothes in a smaller size. To her delight, sometimes she even has to step out of the dressing room to get a smaller size. Patti went from a size 20W pant to a size 10! Her husband is so proud of her success that he’s actually encouraged her to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe that she can feel proud to wear.

She can shop in stores she’d never stepped foot in

Her daughters are proud, too. Before her amazing lifestyle change, she absolutely hated shopping because she knew that if she found something she really liked they may or may not have it in her size. Now when her daughters ask her to go shopping, they bond over picking out cute outfits for each other in the same store.

She celebrates her weight loss wins with her family

Her husband loves trying her new recipes and is thrilled to have a wife that finally enjoys spicy food as much as he does (spicy food increases fat burning – read how here). My simple recipes make it easy for Patti’s family to enjoy healthy foods they’d always avoided in the past. (My recipes turn bland, soggy overcooked vegetables into sweet, savory flavorful roasted veggies you’ll be eating right off the pan.)

In fact, Patti credits much of her success in the program to the simplicity of my tested and perfected Fat-Burning Food Framework for teaching her how to put delicious ingredients together to maximize weight loss. Her personal favorites include my simple, dessert-like smoothies, crunchy, filling salads and fresh grab and go breakfast ideas (plus weekly menus and comprehensive shopping lists for everything).

Cheat Days are a big part of the reason why this weight loss program is sustainable. Once a week, Patti eats anything she feels like. Knowing that she has one day a week to eat what she wants makes attending social engagements (especially ones centered around food), much easier.

Of course, her daughters are so excited for her health journey that they’re in on this lifestyle change, too. Sometimes on cheat days, Patti and her girls plan a special celebration to recognize her achievements, whether it be in pounds or inches. And yes – you can still lose weight with a cheat day and no exercise – Patti is proof!

She has the energy to play with her grandson

The most exciting change for Patti, however, is being able to get down on the floor and play with her brand new grandson! Patti became a Grandma for the first time during the pandemic and now has the energy to crawl around on the floor with the brand new addition to her family, something she would never have imagined doing before when she was carrying extra weight.

She looks forward to being a Grandma to him for a long time. “It’s really important that if you’re caring for your loved ones to make sure that you’re caring for yourself” she says.

After her first 8 months in the program, Patti stuck with her healthy lifestyle and has gone on to lose a total of 83lbs, down from 235lbs to a svelte 152lbs. Way to go, Patti!

Check it out for yourself, as Patti is glowing in this interview!

The truth is that it can be scary to commit to a new lifestyle, but once you do, just like Patti and Stephanie, you’ll find out it’s so worth it to take care of yourself – whether it be to lead your community, watch your family grow and be around for their major milestones, or live out your dream days in a healthy, beautiful body full of energy surrounded by the people you love.

And when you have a guide to support you every step of the way, telling you the exact steps to take and teaching you what to eat to boost your metabolism for maximum results, weight loss feels easy, doable, and fun.

Feeling inspired? Take advantage of that motivation to check out more women’s weight loss before and after success stories.

Ready to get started living your dreams? There’s no day like today, and I can help you take the first step. Book a call with me to learn more about my online weight loss coach services or take a look at what you get in my introductory program, the 8-Week Slim Down Jumpstart. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Nagina Sethi Abdullah, BA, MBA

Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for middle-aged women and professionals. She coaches women to boost their metabolism naturally, shed pounds and keep them off. Her work with weight loss clients led to the creation of Masala Body, an online weight loss platform that provides an easy and accessible system that helps women sustainably lose weight. She has helped over 1200 women successfully lose from 10-80 lbs and create a sustainable lifestyle change. Nagina earned her degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

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