• About Tree: Tree works 12 hours a day in a high-stress Fortune 500 company. She was always petite, but at 44, the pressure of her career and a lack of time lead to her weighing in at the heaviest of her life.
  • How She Lost Weight With Nagina’s Weight Loss Program: Tree was able to recognize that she was eating emotionally to deal with guilt, disappointment and agitation. She learned how to nourish herself with self-love, and the weight effortlessly fell off!
  • Tree's Results: She fit back into her size 4 jeans in 3 weeks (after 3 years of not fitting into them!) Lost 8 inches from her waist, and flattened her belly WITHOUT going to the gym AND while eating chocolate cake.

Look at Tree’s amazing results without doing one sit up!

“I’ve lost 8 inches off my waist. I went from 35” at my belly button to 27".


“I lost these inches WITHOUT working out. Not one damn sit up. No planks, no crunches, no cardio, no nothing! When I first hired Nagina, I was adamant that I didn’t want to work out. We talked about my weight-loss goals and I told her that I refused to do even one sit up.”


After years of not wanting to take pictures, Tree proudly snapped this selfie of herself. Look at her flat abs! Wow!

This is where Tree was before joining Nagina's program...


Tree felt bloated, stuffed and lethargic all the time, which reflected how bad she felt inside.

“It wasn’t the weight that scared me, it was the fact that I hated my body.”

Without realizing it, she turned that hatred against herself, creating a cycle of feeling bad, seeking comfort or release with food, and feeding more self-destructive feelings.

“Because I already hated my body, I didn’t make healthy choices when stressed, I made choices that caused even more self-loathing.”

She felt as if each crunch of her BBQ potato chips lessened another morsel of stress, anxiety, overstimulation and overwhelm. But after a 10-second high, she felt worse than ever.


Nagina helped her become more conscious of what she ate and, most importantly, of how she FELT every time she had the urge to eat.

“My mindset shifted from wanting to find control and comfort in a bag of chips to actually knowing that I was already in control by maintaining my feel-good, light and energized state.”

I’m happy to say that I haven’t had one single bout with emotional eating since I’ve discovered the solution. With Nagina’s one on one support and coaching, I don’t even crave junk food anymore. Even when I’m stressed.”

Tree is excited about all the new opportunities for her now that she has lost the weight:

“I bought a cute new bikini (I haven’t worn a bikini in public in 5 years!) and can’t wait for summer.

I no longer wear baby doll or maternity shirts, and I actually buy clothes that are true to size (4) instead of larger.

I feel light and strong and have tons more energy. In fact, having this energy has motivated me to work out again and I’m starting to get back into kickboxing and speed bag training.”

The best part is, she did all this while enjoying dessert like chocolate cake, and she didn’t exercise at all!

Check out her post here about enjoying "family date night" guilt-free!



In the short video below, Tree shares the #1 reason she got such a flat belly in 4 weeks. Tree uncovers how she:

  • Fit into her size 4 jeans in 3 weeks (after 3 years of not fitting in them)
  • Feels like she’s 20 years younger, fit and lean
  • Flattened her belly WITHOUT going to the gym AND while eating chocolate cake
  • Felt sexy for the first time in a long time

Just look at her belly!


Tree feels hot again, and loves it now when her boyfriend kisses her defined tummy.

Check out her quick 4-minute video here where she uncovers the #1 thing she did to flatten her belly and feel hot and sexy again (she deserves it)!

If you’re stuck in a loop of feeling bad about yourself, using food to get that 10 second high, and then feeling regret, take action to change your trajectory!

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Results vary from person to person

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