Lindsay Overcame Unhealthy Snacking, Curbed Sugar Cravings, Lost 15 Pounds and It Was All “Very, Very Easy"


  • Meet Lindsay: She had just completed a long work contract filled with stress and daily donuts in the break room. Lindsay decided she hit her limit and needed to make a lifestyle shift – but she loved sugar so much and didn’t want to feel deprived.
  • How She Used The Program: Lindsay lost 15 pounds, 6 inches off her waist and 3.5 inches from the hips, giving her a healthy complete body makeover. 12 of those 15 pounds were while working with Nagina and she continued to drop another 3 pounds AFTER the program was over - WHILE traveling nonstop!
  • Results: Yes, she went from 185 pounds to 172 pounds while on the program and then, continued to drop another 3 pounds once it was over! Not just that - she dropped 6 inches off her waist going from 39 inches to a svelte 33 inches and 45 inches on the hips to a sweet 41.5 inches. Incredible!

Here’s the kicker… She did all of this with 6 weeks of nonstop travel as well!

This is how it all started…

Desperate for an intervention, faced with no choice and out of control with sugar, Lindsay needed someone who would give her a healthier lifestyle but without the rigidity and counting calories that other weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers do.

She joined Nagina’s weight-loss program because she needed the help and she needed it yesterday!

Before working with Nagina she felt “fat, bloated and uncoordinated” but by only the fifth week of working with Nagina she was feeling “fabulous, with lots of energy!” How great is that!

She went from snacking on sugary snacks to dropping weight even when she travelled for over 6 weeks AFTER the program and ate at relatives’ houses, University dorms and other random places!

THIS is her story.

You may find yours in it too.

It all started when…

I found you through Farnoosh’s So Money podcast and I thought, “I have no choice, I have to do this!”

I was out of control with the sugar. I knew I needed help and I knew I needed the accountability.

I needed something serious, like an intervention.

Listen to me below when I share the exact moment when I realized that Nagina’s program was perfect for me and how I went on to consistently lose a pound and a half every week.

Plus, as I say in the clip below, it was all… “Very, very easy!”

Losing It All… and Keeping It Off

The best part was that I was actually able to keep the weight off.

After the program I was driving across the country, staying with family and friends, eating at University dorms and takeout places.

I wasn’t making any of my food for about 6 weeks and I was concerned about travelling after the program.

My goal was to maintain the weight and not put anything on because I knew I wouldn’t have control over what I eating in many of the places.

But surprise, surprise, I actually ended up losing an additional 3 pounds without ANY effort.

Watch Lindsay talk about the shockingly simple way she lost weight AFTER the program and while on the road.

Nagina got me off sugar!

Since I was able to uncover my triggers for sugar during my work with Nagina, I know exactly WHEN and WHY I’m craving sugar. And it’s helped those cravings DISAPPEAR!

I’m not craving sugar anymore. I tell people that Nagina’s got me off sugar and this was one of the most important things.

I’ve done Weight Watchers before and that’s just a pain with counting points and I’ve looked at other programs and I’m not someone who’s going to count.

Honestly, I didn’t expect how easy weight loss was going to be.

Lindsay finally tuned into her triggers and realized what was causing her sugar cravings! When she stops doing this her sugar cravings disappeared!

Dropping Sizes… Like Hot Potatoes

Everything I’m wearing now is a size down! That’s right.

I’m down about one and a half sizes in the bottom and a full size in the top so I’m down to Medium to Small and between a 10 and 12 in pants.

For my height, that’s incredible!

Lindsay dropped a full size and a half in the top and a size in the bottom.

The accountability of Nagina’s weight-loss program really blew me away.

I knew Nagina was looking at the results every week so I had to make sure I was achieving those results.

What shocked and surprised her the most about the program. It’s not what you think!

If you want to uncover your triggers for unhealthy foods and banish your sugar cravings forever, take the first step today and download 7 of the same recipes Lindsay used.

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Results vary from person to person

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