Julie lost 19 pounds in 10 weeks without feeling deprived


  • About Julie: An active mom of 2 who runs and goes to the gym regularly. A visit tothe doctor's office gave her a wake-up callthat she needed to change her diet to lose weight
  • How She Lost Weight in Nagina's Program: Rather than live on salad and feel deprived, she set up a healthy lifestyle eating food she enjoyed
  • Results: Julie surprised her doctor by seeing the scale go down a remarkable 19 pounds in 10 weeks!

Meet Julie:

Stuck at a frustrating standstill

Julie would lose some weight, around 5 pounds, and then it would stagnate even though she exercised a lot. She knew that in order to lose more weight she would have to change her diet.

"I was working out anywhere from 5 to 6 days a week."

Julie hated the idea of feeling deprived and dreaded the thought of watching what she ate – because she thought it would mean she would have to live off of foods like celery sticks and salad.

Listen to her describe what was holding her back from the weight-loss she wanted:

A wake up call on the doctor's office scale

A trip to the doctor made it unavoidably clear to Julie that she needed to lose weight.

"The numbers don’t lie!"

Here Julie talks about how that experience triggered her decision to join Nagina’s program:

It's good to have someone who has done the research and
can vouch that it can work.

Julie talks about why eating healthy was just making small adjustments to what she was already doing it was not a huge upheaval.

Nagina's program helped Julie set up a healthy lifestyle that was sustainable.

Slimmer with a whole new perspective

Julie noticed a change in her attitude toward herself.

My headspace just shifted.

Through the program she learned to have a forgiving approach, to cut herself slack and practice self-care. She was healthier in body and mind!

My doctor thought it was a typo!

Julie's doctor was astonished that she had taken action and with her results since the last visit. Listen to what her doctor said when Julie stepped on the scale 10 weeks later.

Diet is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and keep it off. Create a new lifestyle with food you enjoy and that keeps you satisfied.

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