Jessica got back to her high school weight and beat
cravings while traveling for work

  • About Jessica: Jessica is an environmental engineer and founder of She has a busy travel schedule and struggled to
    keep a healthy eating routine
  • How She Used Nagina's Program: She utilized the plan to take the stress out of deciding what to make every day and made her food for the week in a couple hours over the weekend
  • Results: Jessica lost 15 pounds, feels in control and now travels confidently with Nagina's tips on what to pack and order at restaurants to maintain her weight-loss.

Lack of a plan stressed her out

Jessica was stressed out about trying to lose weight.

"Without a plan I was wasting my time and feeling stress every day."

Having battled weight her whole life and now with unpredictable work travel, she was feeling out of control and had gained 10 to 15 pounds despite her efforts.

Here Jessica talks about her struggles with traveling and losing weight:

Confusion caused her to go some days without eating, not having enough energy at work and feeling discouraged. Planning her meals and knowing what to eat at a restaurant were two of her biggest challenges.

Here she describes how these struggles affected her:

Nagina's meal plan eliminated guesswork and stress

Jessica didn't have the time or energy to structure her own plan amidst her career, travel and various activities. Nagina's quick and tasty meal plans made it so much easier!

"It takes the stress out of it. I don't have to think about what I'm gonna make."

Here Jessica talks about how using Nagina's meal plan took pressure off of her:

Nagina's partnership and perspective helped Jessica keep a broader view and also gave her specific quick tips like what to pack when food was unpredictable.

"It makes such a difference! It's so much easier."

Thanks to always having healthy satisfying food handy she doesn't even crave sweets like cupcakes or brownies anymore!

No more stress, motivated and feeling sexier

Jessica is confident in her new strategy, knows it works.

"The stress has gone out of it for me."

Here Jessica talks about feeling in control and reassured:

She loves having a smaller waist on her hourglass figure and smoother lines when she wears dresses.

Here she describes how great it feels when people comment on her thinner face:

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