• Meet Cynthia: 62 years old and struggling to lose weight more and more each year, she felt that her age was slowing down her metabolism and sabotaging her weight-loss efforts.
  • How She Used Nagina's Weight-Loss Program: Cynthia enjoyed exploring the lively new flavors of Nagina’s recipes, and was actually excited about mealtime each day. She also loved the support Nagina provided, which helped keep her focused.
  • Results: Cynthia surprised herself by losing 15 pounds in 8 weeks! She had thought maybe she would be lucky to lose 10 pounds, but she blew right past that easily!


Cynthia had read in health magazines (and heard from other people trying to lose weight) that as you get older, losing weight is almost impossible!

“I thought that was why I was struggling so much before. When you get older, your metabolism slows down, and you don’t lose as fast.”

But Cynthia was surprised when she easily lost the 10 pounds she thought would be her best-case-scenario, and then 5 more pounds in only 8 weeks!

Find out what completely surprised Cynthia about how much weight she lost. (1:00)

The secret ingredients Cynthia used to lose weight after 60

Cynthia had been through the painful process of eating iceberg lettuce salads with plastic-y tasting low-fat salad dressings in the past, and she was completely blown away by how exciting and filling the food on Nagina’s plan was.

“When food tastes good, you don’t have a problem eating it. And I just really love the recipes and the way the food tastes. It’s so good!”

Hear what secret ingredients Cynthia tried, which had never used before, and how they changed the weight-loss game for her (2:13)

Listen to Cynthia describe 3 things that made her weight finally budge after years of being stubborn (2:56)

Cynthia was invited to a potluck, which she knew would have lots of high unhealthy, fatty and sugary dishes. In the past, she would accommodate other people, and bring something along those lines.

This time, she did something for herself

Cynthia talks about what she brought to keep losing weight while attending a potluck full of junk food (5:12)

“I feel good about myself. I feel successful. I feel accomplished.”

Cynthia is really happy and satisfied. She’s not out of breath walking from her car through the parking lot anymore. She has so much energy! Plus...

“I put on a skirt with zipper, and it zipped up easily. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like,


She was amazed when she tried on a pair of pants that were one size down, and they fit!

Listen to Cynthia describe how she feels, physically and mentally, now that she’s on the other side of the weight-loss struggle (6:24)

If you feel like it’s “too late” for you to lose weight because of your age, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to burn fat, even now! It doesn’t matter how many birthday candles you blew out this year.

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