A busy person’s review of Ramit’s Zero to Launch course

As an extremely busy management consultant, I work 60-80 hours weeks, jumping on trains and planes to work with multiple clients. On top of this, I have a husband and 2 kids at home. I want to have the option to have a more flexible lifestyle while earning scalable revenue.

An online business is the perfect solution – I can work on it during the weekends and in my downtime, and fit it into my life. Once I’m ready, I can decide if it will become my main source of revenue. Based on what I learned in Ramit’s Zero to Launch course course, I have no doubt that will happen quickly.

As a student in Ramit’s beta course, I cultivated my idea, launched my website, MasalaBody.com, and have helped multiple people lose weight and eat healthier – all within a few months.

In building an online presence, I didn’t have a lot of time to make mistakes or go down the wrong path.

Before the course, I had an idea for an online presence. But I had no idea how to get started and how to turn it into a business. As a fan of Ramit’s IWT site over the last 10 years, I saw with my own eyes the explosive growth of his blog and his business. I wanted to learn from someone that was insanely successful in doing what he was teaching, while also being ethical and compassionate (even if it’s in a sarcastic way!).

Through Zero to Launch, I was able to learn the secrets to launch a website, build and grow an audience, AND develop a clear roadmap to success and future revenue – while knowing that I am helping others improve their lives by doing so.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to join ZTL. Below are my results within 2 months of being in the course.

· I launched a site that gained 105 subscribers within the first WEEK. (before I put the site up, I was scared NO one would like it!).
· My website generates over a 50% email open rate (the industry average is half of that) as a result of learning how to truly understand my readers
· Within 1.5 months, I reached over 500 subscribers – and I’ve helped multiple readers lose over 10 pounds each!

1. How ZTL helped me gain 105 subscribers from my first post

Before I launched my site, I felt vulnerable about my idea, and about the response from the community. All of my friends, family and more would see my work! If I failed, I felt that I would fail in front of everyone.

It was a joke in our beta course that I updated my website 10,546 times and still had not launched it. I was too scared I didn’t have it right!

I got specific, targeted advice through the course and our private FB community that helped me to tweak and focus my positioning so I could communicate why I am the go-to person to solve health and weight concerns for busy people. Through the ZTL FB community, I gained an amazing and ACTIVE network of like-minded entrepreneurs that specifically influenced, and continue to do so, the success of my website and my strategy.

The day I launched my site, I knew I hit the nail on the head! The moment I launched it, my site immediately gained readers. People were rapidly joining, sharing it with their friends and forwarding it to others!

It felt so amazing!

2. Why my email open rate is consistently over 50% (has reached up to 75%)

Ramit’s core principle is to understand your readers. His strategies to show you how to do this go deeper than anyone else I know. He teaches how to listen to readers’ actual words, feelings, and emotions– and throw the commoditized advice out. Through Ramit’s specific techniques, I went from thinking that sharing the nutritional aspects of food and exactly what to eat were the key to being an expert – to knowing that I had to uncover other’s fears and personal obstacles to feeling great about themselves. And he showed us exactly how to do this.

I learned specific formats to write blog posts in that now generate over a 50% open rate for every email I send – more than twice the industry average. I relate to what people feel and need and I write about it, and my readers choose to open my emails amidst all the other junk and information they get in their inbox. The best part is that my readers are making healthy changes in their life, including making my recipes and eating healthier ingredients.

3. How ZTL helped me to grew my audience so quickly – when I hardly have any time to promote my blog

Before ZTL, I did not even know that it was important to build my email subscription list. I had thought visits to my site, FB likes, or Instagram followers would mean I was doing well. Through ZTL, I learned why my own personal audience was so important and the potential of developing our relationship. I’m building readers for life – not just for one post or one product.

Given my intensive work schedule and family life, I don’t have a lot of time to network, go to lunch with other bloggers, post on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other forms of marketing I could do to grow my email list. Through the ZTL course, Ramit teaches the MOST EFFECTIVE marketing strategies to rapidly grow your audience – including technology applications and the best ways to optimize your website. With my limited time, I was able to target the fastest path to rapid growth, without wasting my time, reaching over 500 subscribers, within 1.5 months. I have already been able to help many of them lose weight and feel more energy. It feels great to help others!

My advice, especially if you have limited time: If you are looking to learn the most advanced techniques to start, grow, and find incredible revenue potential and more flexibility in your career in the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE, and you are motivated to do so, I recommend that you do not pass up this opportunity to truly learn from the best.

For more honest reviews of the course from my fellow Beta Zero to Launch classmates, see the links below:

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