I Lost 40 lbs. Using Spices 

Are you ready to melt away your fat?  

Grab The 7 Spicy Recipes I Used to Melt Away My First 7lbs Using Spices Our Ancestors Used

Recipes include: Mint Strawberry Smoothie & Cinnamon Chocolate Cake (Yes! I love chocolate cake!) Psst! Vegetarian recipes included.

Ultimate Wellness and Body Coach for Ambitious Women

I lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks and 40 pounds in 9 months when I combined the powerful, scientifically proven, fat-burning spices with real, unprocessed foods, and it felt effortless. Here are three of my favorites: 

1. Cinnamon

2. Tumeric

3. Cayenne 

Now I've helped hundreds of busy women also lose up to 40lbs using my delicious combinations of skinny spices and real food.

Anjali: Lost over 40lbs (18kg). Mother of five-yr old twin girls. The Final Straw: Her clothes didn't fit her anymore.  

Favorite spice: Cumin

Heather: lost 30lbs (14kg). Mother of ten-yr old boy. The Final Straw: Eating hot dogs + potato chips for dinner. Again.

 Favorite spice: Turmeric

Deepshikha: lost 29lbs (13kg). Mother of two boys under 5. Final Straw: Didn't feel like herself anymore, after having a new baby. 

Favorite spice: Smoked Paprika

Vicky: lost 17lbs (7.7kg). In her fifties with grown up children. The Final Straw: Finally, ready to spend time on her wellbeing.

Favorite spice: Cayenne Pepper

“Hi, I'm Nagina Abdullah, Ultimate Wellness and Body Coach for busy, ambitious women. 

I lost 40 lbs. after adding the fat-burning spices I grew up with to natural whole foods - WHILE I was working 60+ hour weeks and AFTER I had 2 kids - and I ate chocolate cake the whole time! Now, I thrive off of helping busy women lose weight effortlessly, like I did.” 

Ultimate Wellness and Body Coach for Busy, Ambitious Women

"As a busy working mom who runs her own business, staying health conscious often falls off my daily to-do list. Thanks to Nagina's easy recipes, I actually look forward to cooking now!"

Farnoosh Torabi Best-Selling Author and Host of So Money, Top Podcast to Grow your Business

"I love any type of food as long as it tastes delicious. If the spices help me lose me weight, I'm going for it! It tastes so good I don't even think about it anymore. Learning from Nagina has been so transformative."

Luisa Zhou 7-Figure Business Coach and Online Education Entrepreneur

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