You Could Look Like This…in 8 weeks!

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, Heather, who has a story that’s pretty memorable

– especially with how it started. . . and how it ends (her pictures will surprise you)!

One day at a baseball game, Heather looked down and saw that she was holding a hotdog in one hand and a bag of chips in the other.

Her eating and body was getting out of control, and she knew she needed some help.

“I knew something needed to change. I needed something good in my life,” she said.

Heather had tried Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Body, and it worked … for a little bit. But it was so restrictive that she was bored during the diet and then once she started eating food with flavor again, she started putting all that weight she’d lost back on.

She knew Spice Yourself Skinny was a solution that she could actually live with every day.

She decided right then and there, at the baseball game, to go over to and click, “Pay.”

And here’s what happened after.

Heather was a busy mom and an entrepreneur, and she was amazed how Spice Yourself Skinny made her week EASIER, instead of adding stress to it. She already tried to make meals for herself and her family that would get them through the week, but with Spice Yourself Skinny that was actually faster and tastier than ever, AND healthy!

Heather describes her massive weight-loss in Spice Yourself Skinny as she “melted away,” losing 13 lbs. (6 kgs) in 8 weeks!


And here’s the even BETTER news!! Heather went on to lose 20 total pounds (9 kgs) within a few weeks later. . simply following the principles she learned in Spice Yourself Skinny! Not to mention, she looks like she lost 10 years!!

Heather discovered new spice combinations that she never would have thought of on her own, and learned to mix things up, add things or take things out according to what she liked.

Once she had a good structure from Spice Yourself Skinny, she was free to explore while the fat just MELTED OFF of her frame (her words!).

She has energy now instead of feeling wiped out all the time, and she even joined a fun race with her son. Heather isn’t just happy with her new lifestyle since Spice Yourself Skinny, she’s thriving like she never had before!

Spice Yourself Skinny teaches you the spices AND the proven structure to get skinnier that has worked for hundreds of women! The program really works.

You can spice off the weight too. Don’t let doubt in yourself get in your way. If you need a new, fresh, FUN way to lose weight that WORKS, Spice Yourself Skinny is for you.

I know what is possible for you – I have seen woman after woman melt away their weight away with the principles they learn in Spice Yourself Skinny.

I believe in you, Hello. Carry that with you. . because I know you can take this step and lose the weight. I’m right here to support you and cheer you on.

I know that it takes a lot of belief in yourself to overcome the doubt of if you will really lose the weight in this program, especially when losing weight may open up doors to so many new opportunities in your life.  Visit Spice Yourself Skinny to secure your spot today.



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