Why I Hate Celebrity Holiday Recipe Books

There’s plenty of reasons why everytime I read another celebrity cookbook, especially one done for the holidays, I want to give up and start running for the nicest table-clothed, candlebra-having restaurant and spend whatever I need to so that I don’t have to spend 5 days cooking.

I recently saw a cookbook from a “celebrity,” and I was open to learning a few new recipes. But when I saw the menu, I couldn’t pretend. I almost had to shut it and run.

First of all, everything had a heavy sauce. You know, the ones that leave you in acoma for hours and sometimes days afterward. And make you put on 5 lbs. / 2 kgs with one tiny bite.

All the dishes looked flavor-light, which to me is straight bland.

There are no spices and flavors.

Then, most of the recipes you will be sitting in fear of eating, because you know that the more you eat, the fatter you get. So you’ll end up feeling guilty all night.

And could there be something worse? Um, YES. The recipes include ingredients that you could find only by traveling practically to Antartica or if not, the south of France just in time for the holiday guests to come streaming in. Plain and clear, they used rare ingredients that would take longer to find than to use!

There’s never a discussion of how to pull the entire 5-course or more dinner together to actually bring joy and not anxiety and heart attacks to the host!

Bland Holiday Recipes

This menu looks fancy but boring (except the White Christmas Margarita) and fattening + doesn’t help you pull it together

I have been testing out a holiday menu for you for the past 2+ years. It’s the kind that you can eat as much as you want of and you WON’T gain weight.

Yes, overeat and keep losing!

Today, I announcing my holiday gift for you, my loyal reader, “Masala Holiday Party.”

Masala Body Holiday Party


Why the “Masala Holiday Party” is the holiday recipe book you’ve been wishing for.

This isn’t the typical menu! I don’t just drop 5-8 recipes and then say “See ya!”

Nope. I’ve spent years making this menu as easy as possible for you so that you don’t have to think at all. Here’s what I included:

  • Your exact menu (includes the 5 holiday spices to spice yourself skinny!)
  • Grocery list (can be modified if you decide make another dish or not make one on the menu)
  • Step-by-step planning (what to do a week ahead, 3 days ahead, the day of)
  • Serving needs (what kind of serving platters and utensils you will need)
  • What to have others bring, outsource or buy
  • And it’s FREE as my holiday gift to you. You can call me Miss Santa :)!



Comment below and tell me if you like the pictures from my recent photo shoot in NYC (all in the Masala Holiday Party ebook) + what you think about the book!



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