The Year of “Yes!”

As I sit here writing this post, my eyes fall on the photo of my kids, husband and me having a blast snowballing at Central Park.

It’s one of my fave memories from this winter and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of why I said YES to losing weight, getting slimmer and fitter and still enjoying the food I ate.

Weight Loss in the Winter

I’m reminded of the magic that happens when you take a decision to finally lose the weight that’s been holding you back from wearing your fave sexy, fitted dress that currently hangs desolate and neglected in the Wardrobe Museum.

This year, I want you to say YES.

YES to losing weight so you can don that swimsuit with feline sexiness and enjoy your beach holiday.

YES to finally having a flat tummy so you don’t worry about coworkers thinking you’re pregnant when you most certainly aren’t.

YES to looking your best when on stage and radiating confidence when on camera.

YES to eating flavor-filled, nutrient-rich foods that burn belly fat without you having to rush to a cardio class every free moment you have.

YES to enjoying the foods you love, including chocolate, and STILL melting fat, like butter in the hot sun.

I want you to say YES to showing up, looking all slender and svelte and enjoying the attention from your husband and friends instead of wanting to hide in a corner, crop your photos so only your face shows or wearing loose, baggy outfits that do nothing for your shape.

I want you to say YES to becoming a slimmer and sexier version of you, without sacrificing your taste buds or your sanity trying to keep up with the ludicrous requirements of most weight loss programs.

Say YES and I promise I will show you exactly how you can make ALL of this happen with nothing more than the spices on your kitchen shelf.

Yes, those tiny jars with colorful powders in them hold the secret to this magical way of losing weight without giving up on favorite foods, exercising till you can’t feel your legs or eating bland mush that even babies would reject.

Say YES and we’ll bid buh-bye to your weight loss struggles once and for all.

2017 is YOUR year of saying YES to a slim, sexy, svelte body!

Leave a comment below and tell me that 2017 is YOUR year of saying YES to a slim, sexy body and what’s your WHY.

P.S. In my next post, I’m going to take you time traveling. That’s right. Stay tuned.



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