Spice Yourself Skinny is OPEN and your life is never going to be the same again!

In my last post, I asked you to peer into a crystal ball or rather, your mirror and tell me whom you saw.

I asked you to tell me if you were ready to change that reflection and become the fit, confident, sexy version of YOU.

I’m blown away by your response.

Each one held excited and committed YESES!

Today, I’m writing to you to show you how to take action on that YES.

But first… here’s a picture for you.

THIS is me. On the surface I look happy, blissful even. But inside, I was crumbling and feeling awful. I had no energy. Nothing in my wardrobe fit me right and honestly, I’d started hating going out because well, I looked like a beached whale, regardless of what I wore. So, why bother, right?

I looked happy on the outside but I felt huge all the time!

THIS is me as well. Today.

Now, I lost weight and feel happier than ever.

Yes, I’m slimmer, fitter and dressing up is, now, one of my favorite things to do. But more importantly, I have oodles of energy, my confidence is through the roof, my husband loves the sexy woman I’ve become and my kids love that they have a mom who’s happy, high-on-energy and 100% healthy.

Yes, I did lose weight but in the process gained confidence, sexiness and the freedom to wear what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted it.

It’s liberating, I tell you.

How did I do it?

No, I didn’t pop pills, go under the knife {gasp!} or workout till my fingers fell off.

No, I didn’t stuff bland, boring, portion-controlled “meals” down my throat.

No, I didn’t stop eating out, indulging in desserts or going to parties because I was “dieting”.

And no, I didn’t yo-yo between weights like a ping-pong ball.

What I did was reach for the spices in my pantry and “pop” them into my diet.

A pinch of cinnamon, a dash of cayenne.

It was painless, quick and so simple but it was a process for sure.

A process that I tested and perfected so it would bring proven results.  And I’ve laid it all out for you, step-by-step, in the Spice Yourself Skinny program.

Introducing Spice Yourself Skinny: 8-Weeks to the Body of Your Dreams

Here’s what I know about you Hello…

You don’t want to spend every waking hour at the gym.

You don’t want to be cooking separate meals for you and the family… hey, it’s bad enough you have to cook once!

You don’t want to put yourself through the trauma of following a “weight loss program” only to have the weight come back faster than ever once you stop.

What you want is…

A system that gives YOU the freedom to eat flavor-rich, fat-melting foods so you can shrink your waistline without torturing your taste buds.

A system that has been proven-to-work not only by me, but by hundreds of women, just like you, who’ve shed the weight AND kept it off with extraordinary ease.

A system that holds the untold magical secret to losing weight, keeping it off and living your life, healthy and happy, without supplements, personal trainers and grocery expenses that can make your budget for that Paris trip look like peanuts!

Spice Yourself Skinny is ALL of this and SO much more.

In 8 ridiculously short weeks, you will have the slim waist, the toned arms, the taut thighs and the booty that’ll have J-Lo wanting to know your secret.

Click here to get your spot now on the waitlist for the next round of Spice Yourself Skinny. The sooner you sign up, the quicker you can make your weight loss dreams come true.

You get INSTANT access to ALL the recipes and videos so you can start your spicy slimdown journey to a sexier body… FAST!

PLUS you get to be a part of the Sisterhood where you have an active and excited community of STAR sisters waiting to welcome you and cheer you on.

Join us NOW and let’s get you that body you deserve.

After all, you don’t want to spend the rest of 2017 wishing you could turn back time, right?

You want to be the bold, confident, ambitious woman that you are but healthier, slimmer, fitter and sexier, right?

Let’s make it happen.

Here’s your link again to get your spot on the next round of SYS!

The clock’s ticking and it’s calling your name 😉


P.s. Those women I told you about? The ones who’ve gone through Spice Yourself Skinny? You’re going to meet them in my next post. Chances are you’ll find your story in theirs. So watch that inbox, like I watch Sex and the City. Yes, like a hawk!

Wondering if Spice Yourself Skinny will work for you? Find out NOW



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