Saniya lost 29 pounds and 10 inches around her stomach with Nagina's Program

  • About Saniya: Saniya is a mom who felt depressed because of her weight. She was negative in her relationships because she felt unhappy with the extra weight she thought about all the time.
  • How She Used Nagina's Program: She was relieved to find a program that allowed her to eat tasty food and not feel starved or crave sweets.
  • Results: Saniya lost almost 30 pounds, 10 inches from her stomach and 5 inches from her waist in 6 months. Now she is happy, more energetic with her son and is excited to dress up and go to parties!

Meet Saniya:


The weight was making her feel negative

Saniya felt negative with her husband and she was often irritated with her young son.

"I was in a bad mood all the time"

Here she talks about how her weight affected her relationships and her outlook:


Saniya felt negative over-all and never wanted to socialize. She didn't want to be the person she was becoming and as time passed, she felt more anxious and depressed.

"I tried so many diet plans but nothing was working"

She was surprised to lose weight eating such tasty food

Not just Saniya, but her whole family loved the recipes! This made it so much easier on her and it felt good knowing she was feeding her family well.

"Being a foodie, I was so attracted to the recipes"

She talks about what a difference Nagina's continuous support made for her:


Saniya lost almost 30 pounds, 10 inches around her stomach, and all of her clothes became loose! Amazing!

Happy, Positive and More Social

Saniya has more energy to do things with her son now, and she's more patient with him.

Once you're happy, other things just go right.

Here she talks about how much better days with her son are now:


Because she feels better about herself, her relationship with her husband is improved too and she loves it when he tells her how good she looks.

"I lost more than ever before in my life"

She wants to go shopping for new clothes and enjoy the energy of parties again because she'll actually have fun!

Here she talks about the biggest benefits of her weight loss:


And here she says why joining the program was, in her words, "the best decision of my life."

If YOU want to feel more positive and be more active and confident with your child(ren) and/or partner, take the first step today and get Nagina's weight loss recipes.

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