Lost 15 pounds, waist is skinnier and feels sexier!

Harvard graduate and Environmental Engineer who travels frequently for her job

"Before Nagina’s program, I felt so stressed out and out of control. I was wasting time every day because I didn’t have a plan."

Jessica is an environmental engineer with a busy travel schedule who struggled to keep a healthy eating routine at home and on the road.

In Nagina’s program, she took the stress out of deciding what to make every day because she didn’t have to think about it – Nagina guided her and told her exactly what to do at home and while she was traveling – and she never felt deprived or unhappy. Jessica lost 15 pounds, feels in control and now travels happily with Nagina’s tips on what to pack and order at restaurants to maintain her weight-loss.

"I feel so much sexier now and my waist is so much skinnier now. People always comment on how much weight I’ve lost and even tell me that my face is skinnier!"


“You inspire me! I am excited to say I have lost ~20 pounds!! More importantly, I feel more in control of my life. I have more energy and am generally a happier person.”

Consumer Research Manager

“Nagina inspired me to fit into a bathing suit with a full-time job and 2 kids - now other women ask me how I did it! Nagina offers smart advice for busy working women to switch up their eating habits and lose weight.”

LinkedIn Sr. Executive, Mom of 2


Lost 19 pounds in Nagina’s 10-week program without feeling deprived and by eating delicious foods she enjoyed!

Active Mom of 2 from Southern California

"I worked out 4-5 days a week but I wasn’t losing weight because of my diet. I was afraid of feeling deprived from what I was eating."

Julie is an active mom of 2 who runs and goes to the gym regularly. A visit to the doctor’s office gave her a wake-up call that she needed to change her diet to lose weight.

During her work with Nagina, she set up a healthy lifestyle eating food she enjoyed, without "living on salad" or "feeling deprived." Julie surprised her doctor by seeing the scale go down a remarkable 19 lbs in 10 weeks!

"During Nagina’s program, my headspace shifted. I made small changes that were easy to do. I lost 19 pounds in 10 weeks and my doctor couldn’t believe what she saw!"


“Nagina’s approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle meets the needs of my
demanding schedule. I find myself craving her tasty recipes time and time again.”

Executive Vice President, Life Sciences Company;
Chair and Founding Member, C200 Scholars Network


Kept falling off the wagon on her own after 2 kids and lost 12 pounds in Nagina's 10-week program and feels like herself again

Communications Executive in NYC, Mother of 2 young boys

"I've been struggling to lose weight after I had my second baby last year. I would be really good for 1 or 2 weeks, and then I would fall off the wagon. I would look at myself in the mirror and feel unhappy."

Mona is a busy, ambitious mom who struggled to lose weight after her second child, and wanted to fit into her business clothes before returning to work.

Nagina helped her stay on track, reassured and positive, and she overcame her pattern of losing weight for a week or two and then falling off the wagon.

Mona lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks, 3 inches from her waist, dropped 1 size and, most importantly, feels in control, happier and like herself again!

"I feel in control. I feel SO happy when I look in the mirror! I feel back to being me!"


“Nagina is an inspiration! She knows the secrets for ambitious women to lose weight easily. She values feeling full and not deprived, and eating food you enjoy.”

VP, Digital Product Manager, Mom of 2 boys

“Nagina is ambitious and can relate to people of similar background and experiences. She comes up with easy solutions to stay healthy for women who are juggling demanding careers and family.”

Big 4 Management Consultant, Mom of Twin 2-year olds


A mother preparing to go back to work from Saudi Arabia lost 29 pounds and feels more
energy for her 2-year old child

Mom of 2-year old boy, lost 29 pounds and 10 inches from her stomach

"In 6 months, I lost almost 30 pounds (13 kgs) and 10 inches around my stomach! Signing up for Nagina's program was the best decision of my life."

Saniya is a mom who felt depressed and had relationship issues because she was unhappy and guilty due to being overweight.

Saniya always felt supported and positive that she would lose the weight with Nagina's direction and support. She loved the tasty food she could eat and didn't feel starved or crave sweets.

"I'm excited to go shopping again and I have energy to do activities with my 2-year old son all day long now!"



The Busy Bank Vice President from NYC and Mother of 2 lost 15 pounds and addressed her emotional eating issues

Bank Vice-President in NYC, Mother of 2 twin 6-year-old girls

"I couldn't buy work skirts because they didn't carry my size.

Joining Nagina's coaching program was one of the best decisions I made for weight loss. The results were outstanding! The first month I lost 8 pounds in the first 4 weeks, followed by 15 pounds in 3 months."

Naya is an International Bank VP based in NY and a mother of twin 6-year old girls whose weight crept up over the years due to busyness and emotional eating.

Nagina gave her the structure and emotional support she needed to lose weight.

Naya's stomach flattened dramatically within 4 weeks, she lost 15 pounds in 3 months and she realized and addressed emotional eating patterns that were affecting her entire life.

"I love seeing myself in pictures now and I find myself taking more of me with my husband and 2 girls!"


"Nagina is an inspiration to working moms...if she can lose weight with 2 kids and a full-time job, I have no excuses. She and her recipes are so approachable!”

Customer Experience Director, Mom of 2


Vegetarian who lost 15 pounds in Nagina's 10-week program and started looking forward to posting her picture on online dating sites again!

Single Marketing Executive in San Francisco

"If I feel this way now, how will I feel in 10 years?"

Kavita wanted to start dating again, but felt unattractive because of her weight. She didn't want to post her picture on online sites. She also felt left behind from going on trips with her friends because she didn't have the energy she wanted.

Following Nagina's advice, Kavita learned how to modify her vegetarian diet and manage stress to increase her weight-loss.

Kavita lost 15 pounds and 3 inches around her waist and gained balance in her life in 10 weeks!

"I feel like my stomach is less inflated. I have a flatter tummy and slimmer legs! I can finally wear the cute clothes I stored away in my closet again!"


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