Rajni is a busy doctor, mom to two, a wife and a woman who lost 15 pounds in Nagina's program!

About Rajni:

After having her 2nd bundle of joy Rajni added on more baby weight than she liked.

She’d tried everything from liquid diets to bootcamps and nothing had worked to budge stubborn weight stuck on her like her son’s Crazy Glue!

Today, having lost 15 pounds and counting in Nagina's program, Rajni has dropped 2 dress sizes and most importantly, experienced an incredible lifestyle and mindset shift that has helped her be a better mom, a happier person and a healthier, fitter, sexier woman!

This is HER story.

Read on and you may just find your story in hers as well.

Tune in to listen to Rajni’s story:

The pivotal life-changing moment when Rajni realized she needed to lose weight and she couldn’t do it alone (1:22)

The startling discovery that made her realize why she’d been working on weight loss all wrong so far (4: 16)

What her husband said to her when she cooked the recipes for him. It’s going to leave you shocked! (5:29)

The amazing, almost unbelievable transformation of Rajni, the mother (6:57)

It All Started…

… with an eye-opening moment where I realized that I didn’t invest time in myself. I felt bad about myself and I ran myself down and that impacted my family as well.

I used to scramble to figure out what to have for lunch or dinner every day. More often than not, it would be takeout, frozen food or something else equally unhealthy.

I knew these were poor choices, but I lacked the time or the energy to figure things out.

I needed a plan, a structure and one that wouldn’t just tell me what to eat but also, give me the list of things I needed so I could pick them up from the store and not have to worry about them for the rest of the week.

This desperation for a plan coupled with the realization I needed to put myself first, made me realize Nagina’s weight-loss program was the best choice.

It’s a Diet Plan, It’s a Cookery Class, It’s a weight-loss Jumpstart!

Nagina's program was definitely unlike anything else I’d done and that made me realize that maybe I had it all wrong.

Not only is this a well structured program with its plans and lists, it also has some of the tastiest recipes.

Every single recipe I made was filling and flavorful. There were times when I couldn't finish what was on my plate because I was so full. Yes, on a weight loss plan!

The truth is I never felt hungry and I never felt deprived. I used to satisfy any cravings during my cheat days, which was once a week and the rest of the week I never felt that I was missing out.

I enjoyed satisfying, flavorful home-cooked food which I, for the first time ever, was cooking and it never felt like I was on a diet plan. Rather it felt like I was learning to cook the healthiest, tastiest food ever.

Honey, Let’s Not Eat Out… Ever!

The best compliment for Nagina's program, in fact, came from my husband who shocked me in the first week itself when he declared Nagina’s Smoked Paprika Chicken recipe so much tastier than our favorite NY restaurant’s chicken kebabs.

He took one bite and told me we no longer have to go to NC to the restaurant because this surpassed it completely.

Even today, I make the recipe every other week because it’s HIS favorite dish ever!

I Feel Like a Better Mom

I grew up with a stay-at-home mom and was used to having everything readily available because that was her full time job. But for me... juggling a full-time job and two babies, I was overextended and overworked.

Cooking lunches and dinners was, sadly, just not a priority for me.

Nagina's program taught me a vital life skill, one which I’d never learned – Meal planning.

After finishing the weight-loss program I have the tools and the know-how to plan for meals and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Now I can go in to the grocery store, pick up all the ingredients I need and be prepared for weekday cooking. It’s taken such a load off of me.

Not only that, this program has transformed me as a mother, a mom.

Now, with the frameworks and tools I learned from Nagina, cooking for myself and my family isn’t something I dread like I used to. Now, I feel like a a better mom, a true provider and I feel incredibly good about this.

The Non-Diet “Diet Plan”

The weight loss I’ve experienced with this plan has blown me away.

Like I’d shared, I’d tried everything and I have never been able to lose this amount of weight in this amount of time.

Best part… I did all of this without feeling like I was completely depriving myself and that once I was off the plan, I’d gain it all back.

I actually feel that Nagina's program is sustainable and even being off the program for a couple of weeks…

  • I’m still losing weight
  • I’m still using the same skills to plan what I'm going to eat
  • I’m still enjoying knowing exactly what should be on my plate

Nagina can help even the busiest of women make a lifestyle shift for herself AND her family.

Are you an ambitious woman and mom? If you need structure and delicious food to lose that 15 lbs, take the first step and download Nagin’s delicious recipes (for free!)

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