Mona lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks before going back
to work after baby #2

  • About Mona: A busy, ambitious mom of 2 who struggled to lose weight after her second child, she wanted to fit into her business clothes before returning to work as a communications executive in NYC
  • How She Lost Weight in Nagina's Program: Rather than lose weight for a week or two and then fall off the wagon as she had been doing before, she stayed on track to lose more than 10 pounds
  • Mona's Results: She lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks, 3 inches from her waist, and dropped 1 size. She feels in control, happier and like herself!

Trouble making weight loss stick

Driven and self-sufficient, Mona lost weight after her first baby. But after baby #2, she was busier.

"I was really good for one or two weeks, then I would fall off the wagon."

Listen to her describe her struggle to lose weight:

I would look at myself and not be happy.

Listen to how she missed out on making memories and sharing pictures of herself with her kids because she was self-conscious:

Support and Structure Kept Her on Track

Mona tried everything else and needed a new approach.

I had been on Nagina's email list for a while, I trust her, and I decided, "Okay, let's do this!"

She signed up for Nagina's Weight-Loss program, it easily fit into Mona's schedule.

Mona describes Nagina's support making her feel reassured and positive:

She was happy with the layout and simplicity of the recipes no more than four or five steps.

"The recipes were so tasty! I felt totally satisfied."

Back to feeling like herself

Here are Mona's astounding weight-loss results in only 10 weeks:

  • Lost 12 pounds
  • Lost 3 inches from her waist
  • Lost 4% bodyfat
  • Dropped 1 size

"I would probably still be struggling and frustrated if I hadn't done the program."

Being back at the same weight she was before even her first pregnancy, Mona loves the way clothes look and feel on her again.

Here she talks about feeling like herself again:


"I feel in control and happy about myself. I feel back to being me!"

Don't fall off the wagon anymore! Lose weight with a plan that fits into your lifestyle.

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