Louise overcame overeating and lost 13 lbs (6 kgs) in 10 weeks while traveling 5 days a week for work!

  • About Louise: Louise is a world-class user experience expert from the UK who Louisetravels weekly, is married and a mother of two girls. At 45 years old, she had been trying to lose weight for 13 years, since her second daughter was born. As a result of overeating and lack of structure in her days, she struggled to get it off.
  • How She Used Nagina’s 10-Week Weight-Loss Jumpstart: She embraced having a structure, which made shopping and cooking so much simpler and less time-consuming. She had fun trying new flavors, seasonings and food combinations which helped her lose weight.
  • Results: Louise lost 3 inches from her waist and 9 pounds in 8 weeks while she traveled up to 5 days a week to London for work. Louise reached the dream weight she had been struggling to reach for 13 years. She loves being able to wear trousers and jackets that sat in her closet for years because they didn’t fit her - and feels confident about wearing shoulder-less dresses now

This is Louise’s amazing progress!


Louise was stuck in a rut of eating too much and had lost her shape since having her daughters almost 13 years ago.

“I didn’t have a stop button when it came to food.”

She made too much food and would eat it continually all evening.

Here’s a clip as Louise was starting Nagina’s 10-week Weight-loss Jumpstart program, where she talks about how she used to be able to eat whatever she wanted, but started overeating and lost her waist and shape.

She wanted to wear cute skirts and tops again, not just cover up in frumpier dresses.

She finally got unstuck

Louise signed up for Nagina's 10-week Weight-Loss Jumpstart and started mixing and matching exciting new foods - and the weight started immediately falling off of her! She felt satisfied and instantly stopped overeating!

Hear Louise's dramatic shift in eating after she completed Nagina's 10-week program and how she crushed her overeating."

Louise used a variety of meals, portion sizes and the structure provided by the Jumpstart to never feel stuffed and uncomfortable again.

“Knowing what to eat is half the battle of shopping and cooking - and the less I have to think about it, the better!”

Nagina’s program simplified her life.

Here she talks about how Nagina’s program made shopping and preparing meals so much easier and saved her time.

Nagina’s plan helped Louise effortlessly keep her fridge full of nutritious foods all the time.


Louise traveled up to 5 days a week for work. She used to be quickly tempted at the airport - the “biggest temptation place in the planet,” with cakes, coffees, and alcohol everywhere. Especially since she usually arrived rushed and hungry.

Now Louise easily glides through the airport past the sugary temptations. She feels amazing when she’s at the airport and light when she’s on the plane!

Hear how Louise used to feel at the airport - and the mindset she adopted to overcome temptations and feel amazing while she’s at the airport now.

Even though there’s still a lot of temptation at the airport, Louise has mindset AND the plan to board the plane feeling amazing.


“I’m not self-conscious about my tummy anymore.”

She’s able to wear a shoulder-less dress without feeling like she has “big, fats arms” now- and listen to how incredible it feels!


She was amazed by how the course affected her physically and mentally too.

“Physically you can just move around a lot faster . . .which is really important when you have a family.

When I ate the food on your program, it made me feel much calmer. . .I feel glowing and calm.

"By taking your course . . .it gave me a real revelation about how good I feel mentally.”

“The benefits still are manyfold: Cleared up my skin, brain fog, energy levels and stomach upsets. It still is the best thing I did for myself!”


Results vary from person to person

If you’re interested in finding out more about Louise’s world-class user experience work, you can find her at www.louisecampbell.co.uk

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