Kavita, a single executive who is vegetarian, lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks and went on a beach bachelorette vacation!

  • About Kavita: A vegetarian and a marketing executive with a demanding career, she wanted to start dating again, but felt unattractive because of her weight
  • How She Lost Weight in Nagina’s Program : Following Nagina's advice, Kavita learned how to modify her vegetarian diet and manage stress which increased her weight-loss
  • Kavita's Results: Lost 15 pounds and 3 inches around her waist and celebrated with a beach bachelorette trip to the Caribbean!

Missing out on friend outings and dating

Kavita's weight started holding her back. She avoided hiking with her friends because she thought she would be panting.

"I was afraid of being left behind"

She put her dating life on hold.

"I didn't want to post my picture on online dating sites"

Kavita felt stressed all the time, and it resulted in her cravings for food.

“If I feel this way now, how would I feel in 10 years?” she thought. She realized she had to fix this now.

Took Action to Lose Weight

With family events coming up like graduation parties and weddings, Kavita wanted to feel good about herself.

She joined Nagina's program. See Kavita's weight-loss week by week during the program:

Week 3 (lost 7.5 pounds)

Kavita was already seeing rapid results in only 3 weeks like a flatter tummy and slimmer legs.

"I can’t believe I’ve lost 7.5 pounds so far!"

Week 5 (lost 10 lbs)

Kavita was able to wear a shirt she bought 2 years earlier and couldn't wear since then because the buttons were too snug!

"I feel like my stomach is less inflated"

Kavita lost 10 pounds in ONLY 5 weeks!

Week 7 (lost 12 pounds)

As a vegetarian, there were some foods Kavita hadn't been eating enough of; since she had added them in with Nagina's advice, her body responded and shed fat quickly.

Kavita's legs felt thinner and her belly was flatter than before.

She noticed her face and neck looking more slender.

Week 9 (lost 12 pounds)

Elevated stress hormones slow weight-loss. With Nagina's help, she began implementing techniques and habits to manage her stress in her high-powered marketing career.

"I needed to manage stress to continue losing weight"

Week 10 (lost 15 pounds + 3 inches)

Kavita rounded out her weight loss at an incredible 15 pounds.

"It all seems much more doable at this point. I’m so glad I signed up!"

If YOU are vegetarian and want to lose weight, take the first step today (Nagina has a plan for vegetarians with or without eating eggs).

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