Here’s how she cracked the code on losing 17 lbs. WITHOUT EXERCISE (audio interview inside)

Lately, my inbox and internet feed has been filled with weight-loss programs that all sound the same:

  • 2-week Rapid Weight-Loss Plan (Dr. Oz)
  • Lose weight with 2 shakes a day! (Slim Fast Diet)
  • 12-week Body Blitz (Women’s Health)

So many people sign up for these programs, thinking it will be the magic bullet to getting that weight off in 2017. But this is the problem – they are NOT based on real food, and real life. When you RAPIDLY lose weight, guess what follows?

You RAPIDLY gain it back.

And drinking shakes and supplements isn’t a real way to live. You just can’t do that forever.

Plus, almost every weight-loss program says that you have to exercise 3 times a week.

By the way, that is FALSE (I didn’t exercise AT ALL to lose my first 10 lbs)

But here’s the most important thing the other weight-loss programs are missing. . .and the critical component to flatten your belly:


Let me explain.

After the holidays, it’s normal to want to drop that weight that makes it hard to put your jeans on again.

You might want that uncomfortable bloating feeling in your stomach to poof! disappear.

And it feels awfully dreadful to get into ANY pants except your sweatpants because that TIGHT button keeps pushing into your belly button. Why can’t everything have a drawstring??

So you know you feel bad. . and you’re starting to not like how you look. And you know you need to do something.

But these thoughts start floating into your mind first. .

“I want to start being healthy. . but I want to have this dessert today, so ok, I’ll start next week!”

“I have to “gear up” and prepare myself – it’s going to be time to get serious so I need to make sure I’m ready” (mentally followed by an unconscious/conscious knowing you will probably not get to it until right before you have to go to the beach)

“I’m not ready to starve myself!”

You keep putting it off. I mean, it is halfway through January, and before we know it, February will be here!

It just seems like SO MUCH WORK.

Those are exactly the thoughts I had in my mind before I lost 40 lbs. with hardly any exercise.

As I was sitting on my couch one day, 20 lbs. overweight from my lowest previous weight pre-kids, it hit me that I had to do something. I couldn’t live my life feeling tired and lethargic and not fitting into my clothes. I had to get control.

But I knew, to really do it, I couldn’t make it feel like work. I did ENOUGH of that every day already!

I needed to make the process of losing weight FUN. Pleasurable. Something I did NOT dread. . it would not leave me starving, and would NOT make me cranky.

That’s exactly how Gina, a physician and mom of 2 felt. Until she cracked the code on losing her first 17 pounds. . and she’s starting 2017 flying high and it’s only January!


Gina’s Italian family is extremely food-oriented, and she is too. After 2 kids and some health complications, she put on over 25 lbs.

She wasn’t sure if I could help her, because a lot of things she had tried hadn’t worked for the long term.

But she kept her ears and eyes open.  

She listened to me in my emails.

She watched the results of other women I helped like these.

As a physician, Gina liked my system of lifestyle change, eating to speed metabolism, and no exercise required.

So she gave it a try. And 8 weeks later, she told me,

“I honestly can’t believe that I am upset to be at the last week of your program (who says that when they are losing weight?!).

I have tried so many times to lose weight (some with success) but your program is one that I have actually enjoyed doing!”

WHAT?? ENJOYED LOSING WEIGHT? UPSET to be ENDING a weight-loss program??

She told me, “Nagina, you cracked the code on losing weight!”

Listen to Gina herself talk about what she did to lose 17-lbs. and soon-to-be more weight-loss in this tell-all interview.

Now, all her clothes are bigger on her and she’s even planning a new wardrobe shopping trip!

She shares what she did that was different than ever before, and why she actually ENJOYED losing weight. Oh – and she DIDN’T EXERCISE AT ALL to lose it!! YUP! And her husband lost 12 lbs. along with her, easily.

Listen to how Gina lost 17 lbs. and had fun doing it!

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