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Spice Yourself Skinny on Thanksgiving (epic post)

Spice Yourself Skinny on Thanksgiving (epic post)

At my Thanksgiving meal last year, I told my husband’s family the story of how we celebrated Thanksgiving growing up in the US as an Indian family – and they thought it was hilarious. When I was growing up, my mom didn’t know how to make any of the “traditional” Thanksgiving food – we usually… READ MORE

How to Slim Down (Instead of Plump Up) This Fall with Pumpkin Spice

How to Slim Down (Instead of Plump Up) This Fall with Pumpkin Spice

  One of the best things about fall is pumpkin spice everything–lattes, pumpkin pies, scones. I’m going to make your day by telling you this – pumpkin spice can actually help you slim down this fall! Each spice in the massively craved “pumpkin spice” blend has properties to help you lose weight, increase your metabolism… READ MORE

Skinny Summer Cocktails

Skinny Summer Cocktails

What a beautiful summer it has been on the East Coast! I get so many questions about what healthy alcoholic drinks are, so I decided to do a video showing you my favorite Skinny Spicy Summer Cocktails! I also have some special updates for you (keep reading). Today I’m sharing 3 things with you. 1.… READ MORE

Survive Halloween with these 3 simple tricks

Have you ever felt like throwing your hands up and giving in on Halloween? Everywhere you look – on office kitchens countertops and costume parties – there's mini-size Snickers or Kit-Kats, orange pumpkin cookies or chocolate frosted orange sprinkled mini-cupcakes! If you're trick or treating with your kids for Halloween, you'll be SMACK DAB in… READ MORE

Behind-The-Scenes At My Fox News Feature

I am so excited to tell you that I was recently featured on Fox News! The network did an exclusive segment on me titled, “How spices helped one woman shed 40 pounds in less than a year.” If you have come to know me by seeing me on Fox News, Welcome to the family!… READ MORE

Have fun and be lighter doing THIS at your Labor Day BBQ

This summer I’ve attended super fun barbecues with friends and family. To the left is a picture of me and my kids at one of the first BBQs of the summer. Several years ago, when I got to a bbq, I would walk in with my mouth watering for food! I would be the FIRST… READ MORE

Reduce your belly bloat at your next BBQ

During this long, hot, beautiful summer, pools, beaches, and BBQs have been a typical part of my weekends. Last weekend, my sister made my No-Cook 3-Bean Salad and I spiced up some vegetables for the grill — these 2 side dishes were my favorites of everything! Check out my quick recipe below for Spiced Grilled… READ MORE

Satisfy your cravings with these dark chocolates

If your chocolate craving is strong — and you still want to lose weight, you're in luck. Today, Im going to tell you exactly which chocolates to eat to lose weight. I recommend you understand WHY you have chocolate cravings — and while youre doing so, Im going to tell you exactly which chocolates to… READ MORE

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