Will 2017 be the year you break up with The-Flab-From-Forever?

In my last post, I asked you to say YES and to break up with The-Flab without having to jump through hoops, sacrifice your favorite foods or exercise till the cows come home.

Today, I want to dig deeper.

I want YOU to tell me what will 2017 look like for you?

Yes, look into the crystal ball or your mirror and tell me what you see.

Do you see a fit, slim, sexy woman who’s confident, full of energy, enjoying a busy yet fulfilling life?

Do you see a chic woman with toned arms, sexy butt and a flat belly looking her most wonderful in an outfit that she’d never dreamed of wearing?

Do you see a mother, who despite 2 babies, looks sexier than she did in college in those skinny jeans?


Do you see the same saggy stomach, love handles and thunder thighs that you had in 2016?

Do you see the same shapeless outfits that you try to pass off as dresses instead of that sexy fitted dress you’d bought a few years ago with the goal of wearing it on your anniversary?

Do you see the same low energy life that comes with bouncing from one diet to another leaving you hungrier, fatter and sadder?

What do YOU see?

Here’s what I see for you, though? **rubs crystal ball and rocks it from side to side**

I see a slim, sexy woman who has oodles of energy and loads of confidence.

She walks into the room and she owns it. Move over Jessica Alba, you have nothing on her!

She wears beautifully fitted outfits and carries them off with ease and elegance.

On holidays and weekends, she thinks nothing of slipping into a sweet little one-piece because her belly is flat, her thighs don’t jiggle and her arms can give Ms. Obama arm-envy!

She loves her food and enjoys making memories with her kids, cooking and eating all her favorites without worrying about the pounds piling on.

She’s being a great role model for her kids, especially her daughter, as she teaches her, without being preachy, the importance of eating right and staying in shape.

That is what I see, Hello.

Question is… are YOU ready to make 2017 radically different from what 2016 was all about?

Are YOU ready to create the body of your dreams without the endless dieting, pill-popping or treadmill-hugging?

Are YOU ready to go from shuffling into a room hoping no one notices you to walking in confidently and being the center of attention?

Are YOU ready to ooze confidence and sexiness as you own the stage, your videos and your photo shoots?

Are YOU ready to use something as simple and yet super powerful as spices from your pantry to melt fat and lose weight?

Are YOU ready?

Tell me you are. Because, girl, I sure can feel it.

You’re ready to stop carrying that belly weight from 2 babies ago.

You’re ready to stop shrinking in shame because you’d rather die than wear a fitted dress, sleeveless top or a short skirt. Gasp!

You’re ready to relish foods you love without having to count calories, track every morsel or do laps around the anxiety pool should you ever indulge in a piece of chocolate.

C’mon, comment below and say “Yes, Nagina. I’m ready!”

In my next post, I’ll show you exactly how I’m going to make 2017 the year when everything about your body changes in the best way possible. Spicily exciting times, ahead, my friend!

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