This Berry Smoothie Has A Secret Fat-Burning Ingredient (+Behind-The-Scenes @Time, Inc.)

A couple weeks ago, I had the exciting opportunity to film several cooking videos at the Time, Inc. studios in NYC. It was an incredible experience, and the coolest thing was that they bought all the groceries and arranged my recipes beautifully! Whew, talk about making it easy to eat yummy food!

Since Time, Inc. owns tons of magazines, my videos could get released on any of them. The first one was just released on!

Here’s the link to my 2-minute cooking video where I show the producer how to make my Princess’s Spiced Smoothie, which decreases overeating and sugar cravings with only 4 ingredients. It’s what Princess Kate Middleton drinks, but I spiced it up and made it work even better.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes pictures from the day of the shoot:

Filmed at Time, Inc.

What Princess Kate drinks

Time, Inc.

MasalaBody at Time, Inc.

Captions, from top: I’m cooking at Time, Inc!; Princess’s Spiced Smoothie close-up; Selfie with the awesome hairstylist and makeup artist; me with Kate, the Time,Inc., video producer

Yes, it was an awesome experience, and I am most excited that some of my favorite and easiest recipes were filmed and they’re getting documented!

A huge surprising part of the trip was how organized the kitchen was that I filmed in. All of their ingredients were labeled and in alphabetical order in the pantry, and the pots’ lids were all organized in some sort of amazing dish rack. It was a huge breath of fresh air to cook there!

Check out my 2-minute video on the Princess’s Spiced Smoothie, the perfect mid-afternoon snack to curb your sugar cravings!

I want to deliver this extra bonus to you too.  My friend Isabel Foxen Duke just put out an amazing free video training series about emotional eating, binge-eating and generally “feeling crazy around food.” Ya know, like thinking about food and dieting all day long, only to end up with your fingers in a jar of peanut butter that evening. If “feeling crazy around food and weight” is a sentiment you relate to, I highly encourage you to sign up for her free training here.



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